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Can Kidneys Get Better After Dialysis

2014-03-28 16:44

Can Kidneys Get Better After DialysisCan dialysis help kidneys get better? When kidneys are badly damaged, dialysis is often recommended for kidney disease patients. However, dialysis cannot make kidneys get better and even worsen your kidney conditions. This is because dialysis not only has some side effects but also fails to repair kidney function from the root.

What are side effects of dialysis?

1. Low blood pressure

Low blood pressure or hypotension is the most common side effect of hemodialysis. Low blood pressure occurs when too much fluid is filtered from the blood during hemodialysis. It leads to pressure to drop, and nausea and dizziness can result.

2. Itchy skin

Many dialysis patients complain about skin itch. There are several causes, but high phosphorus level are usually thought to be this side effect. Dialysis can not remove high phosphorus level effectively, and this is also the reason why dialysis patients should limit high phosphorus food intake.

3. Infection

The access(either a fistula or a graft) can become infected or inflamed. Keeping the area clean can help prevent infection.

4. Bloating

Bloating and weight gain are common complaints while on peritoneal dialysis. Some of weight gain is fluid bloating from the dialysis solution sitting in the peritoneum. Weight gain can come from the sugar in the dialysis solution being absorbed by the body.

Apart from the above side effects of dialysis, headache, high blood pressure, malnutrition and hernias are all adverse effects to kidney disease patients. With these side effects, patients’ medical conditions may become worse and worse. What’s worse, further kidney damage can be triggered and kidneys cannot get well after dialysis.

To make kidneys get well, foods and Chinese medicines to restore kidney function should be followed. As long as kidney function is restored, kidneys can get well; otherwise it will become worse and worse, and your life span will be shortened. Repairing kidney function to get kidneys well has helped many patients avoid dialysis with our hospital’s characteristic remedy, like immunotherapy, medicated bath, feet bath, acupuncture, ozone therapy and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. If you want to know any of them, send your question to kidneycares@hotamail.com and we will explain the process of treating kidney disease.

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