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Why do Patients Have Headache After Dialysis

2014-03-26 13:55

Why do Patients Have Headache After DialysisAfter dialysis, patients always have the symptom of headache, which makes them very annoyed. Recently, some patients on dialysis consult us and ask why it happens and how to treat it. Here we will make a specific introduction for them, hoping it is helpful.

Why does headache occur after dialysis?

Some factors which are the below lead to headache after dialysis:

1. Dialysis disequilibrium syndrome

Dialysis disequilibrium syndrome always happens when patients do dialysis for the fist time and don’t follow regular dialysis. As patients do dialysis, imbalance of cells and blood will be caused. But body need to keep this balance, making fluids outside cells come into cells. Thus, cells may have swelling. In this way, patients may have headache after dialysis.

2. High blood pressure

During dialysis, blood in body is pulled out into dialysis machine, causing low blood pressure. Because patients on dialysis always have high blood pressure, this change of blood pressure can make patients feel discomfortable. In this way, headache can be caused.

3. Imbalance of electrolytes

Imbalance of electrolyte always follows patients on dialysis, especially imbalance of calcium and phosphorus. Thus, systems in body can be affected, leading to headache.

Then how to treat headache in dialysis?

Patients on dialysis should control high blood pressure and balance electrolyte.In this way, headache can be alleviated effectively. Hot compress therapy which is convenient and simple can help patients on dialysis remove wastes and repair kidney damage. What is more, there are almost no side effects on patients on dialysis. Hot compress therapy can prevent kidney inflammation, promote blood circulation, dilate blood vessels and repair kidney damage. In this way, high blood pressure is alleviated and condition of electrolyte can be kept in balance.

As a consequent, patients can get treated with Hot compress therapy to treat headache after headache. In addition, a healthy diet in daily life can also do good to treatment, achieving more effective results.

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