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Can I Drink Alcohol In Dialysis

2014-03-23 16:30

Can I Drink Alcohol In DialysisAlcohol is very popular with most people in the world, and many kinds of alcohol which contain different elements are developed. As we all know, drinking too much does harm to health. Some patients on dialysis are very eager to know that if they can drink alcohol. Now please see the following:

First, patients on dialysis can be allowed to drink alcohol, but they must control drinking within a proper amount. Never drink too much. And if patients on dialysis have serious swelling, they are not recommended to drink alcohol. Because much intake of fluids can aggravate swelling and kidney disease. If high potassium level occurs on patients on dialysis, vodka, whisky and gin are the only choices of alcohol which they can drink.

In general, they are advised to avoid drink alcohol. Becasue kdiney function is less than 15% and deposition of wastes and toxins in body for patients on dialysis. They need to have a healthy diet and lifestyle, like taking regular exercise, have a low protein and salt diet. Drinking much alcohol will cause the following:

1. High blood pressure can be developed increasingly, which can do harm to kidney disease.

2. Alcohol can promote protein decomposition, producing much creatinine. In this way, kidney can have more burdens.

3. Anemia, gastrointestinal problems, hyperlipidemia can be casued seriously.

From the above, we can know that patients on dialysis should avoid alcohol as they can as possible. But if some patients on dialysis have to drink alcohol necessarily, asking doctor for advice is very essential.

Besides, patients on dialysis have to pay attention to other aspects in life. Dialysis can help kidney remove wastes and alleviate symptoms, but kidney damage and kidney function can’t be treated by dialysis. Chinese medicines have good effects on kidney disease by recovering kidney function and repairing kidney damage.

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