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Why Do Some Dialysis Patients Have No Urine Output

2014-03-19 15:52

Why Do Some Dialysis Patients Have No Urine OutputHealthy people get wastes and toxins out of body through urine. However, some patients on dialysis have no urine, and they are very confused about it . Here we will talk about why patients on dialysis have no urine?

For patients on dialysis, dialysis plays a very important role in removing wastes and fluids from body. Because kidney function decreases so largely to eliminate wastes and fluids from body through urine. As we all know, urine is produced when kidney filters the blood, eliminating wastes and fluids from body. As a consequent, we can knwo that if kidney can’t filter the blood, urine can;t be produced. In this way, some patients on dialysis have no urine.

Moreover, no urine can lead to many bad effects, like swelling, weight gain, short breath, etc. Thus, patients with no urine should limit intake of water, alleviating the above bad effects.

Then how to improve this situation for patients on dialysis?

Dialysis can only help remove wastes and fluids from body to replace kidney function. Improving kidney function is the fundamental way to help kidney eliminate wastes to increase urine. Hot compress therapy has good effects on recovery of kidney function.

Hot compress therapy can have the following properties:

1. Anti- inflammation in kidney

2. Anticoagulation

3. Resistance to blood viscosity

4. Dilation of blood vessels

5. Enhancement of immune system

With the above properties, kidney damage can be repaired and kidney function can be under recovery, thus, kidney can make wastes and toxins cleared from body, producing urine.

Thus, patients on dialysis should not only rely on dialysis to remove wastes from body, but also should focus on how to recover kidney function. Only in this way, wastes can be eliminated by kidney function, and urine is produced.

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