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Can Dialysis Be Stopped, If Dialysis Has Been Done Several Times

2014-03-11 16:59

Can Dialysis Be Stopped, If Patients with Kidney Failure Have Done Dialysis Several TimesAs kidney function declines, patients with kidney failure may need to do dialysis to maintain kidney function, especially at stage 4 and 5 kidney failure. Dialysis can help eliminate much wastes and toxins in body, alleviating symptoms of kidney failure. However, dialysis has many side effects such as low blood pressure, muscle cramps, high temperature, skin itching, sleeping difficulty, etc. Then, if dialysis has begun, is it possible to stop dialysis?

The answer is yes. Only if kidney function can revive to remove much wastes and toxins from body, dialysis can be stopped. For patients on dialysis, kidney function drops to less 15% on most occasions. What kind of treatment can make kidney function revive? Here we will introduce Chinese medicines treatment for patients with kidney failure

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can make kidney function revive effectively. In this way, patients on dialysis can stop dialysis. Now let’s see the specific process of this Chinese medicines treatment.

Three steps constitute Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy:

1. Inflammatory reaction treatment

Kidney arteries will be expanded and microcirculatory disturbance can be improved, helping promote blood circulation. Thus, anomia and anemia get treated. Moreover, ingredients of Chinese medicines can prevent inflammation, contributing to recovery of intrinsic kidney cells.

2. Kidney injury treatment

Inflammatory mediators and renal toxins will lose activity and be eliminated by Chinese medicines. And vascular spasm and stenosis get alleviated, helping balancing diastole and contraction in blood vessels. Thus, blood pressure is lowered, and blood flows fluently in body.

3. Kidney recovery treatment

Muscle fibroblast apoptosis and immune complex are both eliminated from body, so there is no harm in kidneys. Nutrients in Chinese medicines can help kidney function revive gradually.

As a consequent, kidney function is recovered, then wastes and toxins can be excreted from body. In this way, patients with kidney failure don’t have to rely on dialysis to remove wastes and toxins from body. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy makes it possible that dialysis can be stopped if patients with kidney failure have done dialysis several times.

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