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Is Hemodialysis Necessary if Creatinine Is 5.2

2014-02-21 11:53

Hemodialysis is a kind of dialysis treatment options for people with high creatinine. Is this treatment necessary if creatinine is 5.2?

When dialysis is prescribed is up to many factors. Creatinine level alone can not decide if you should start hemodialysis. In the past, dialysis was often prescribed when creatinine increased to 5. However, some researches revealed that early initiation of dialysis does not improve patients’ survival. Therefore, not all patients with creatinine 5.2 are recommended to have hemodialysis.

Apart from creatinine level, the following factors also should be taken into consideration to decide when to start dialysis.


GFR is a very sensitive parameter in evaluating renal function. The normal range of GFR is 90-125ml/min. Generally, when GFR declines to 10 ml/min, dialysis will be prescribed. If GFR can be improved, the patients will be able to delay dialysis and even prevent it.


When creatinine level increases to 5.2, the patients often experience a large number of complications like cardiovascular disease, bone disease, hyperlipidemia and so forth. These complications are significant death causes of people with kidney failure.

The good news is that not all people with creatinine 5.2 will need hemodialysis. If the impaired kidney structure can be reversed, renal function will be enhanced remarkably. If so, dialysis will not be required.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can activate the self-healing system of the body. If the impaired kidney structure can be renewed, the kidneys will function better to filter blood.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an external therapy of Chinese herbal medicines and it has been applied for decades for treating kidney disease. This therapy has saved many patients free from dialysis and returned to a high-quality life.

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