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Dialysis for People with Type 1 Diabetes & Kidney Failure

2014-02-05 14:06

Type 1 diabetes is also called juvenile diabetes. It is an important cause of kidney failure. When kidneys fail to function properly, dialysis will be prescribed. However, is dialysis the only treatment option for people with type 1 diabetes and kidney failure?

Kidney failure in type 1 diabetes

Kidneys are composed of millions of tiny blood vessels with even tinier holes in them act as filters. As blood flows through the blood vessels, small molecule molecules mainly waste products will squeeze through the holes. These waste products will be filtered out of body in the form of urine. Useful substances are too big to pass through the holes of the filters.

However, in type 1 diabetes, the high blood glucose can make the kidneys filter more fluid than before. All this extra work can make the filters exhausted over time. As a result, the filters will become leaky and a large amount of protein will leak into urine. If no effective treatment is applied, more and more kidney tissues will be involved. Eventually, Kidney Failure will result.

Dialysis for people with type 1 diabetes and kidney failure

When kidneys fail to function, dialysis generally will be prescribed, but it only can remove a part of waste products from body and can not cure kidney failure. What’s worse, the patients will experience a large number of discomforts and complications. Therefore, the patients with type 1 diabetes and kidney failure are eager to find an alternative treatment to dialysis.

Kidney failure in type 1 diabetes results from kidney structure impairment. To control the condition fundamentally, the patients should have a treatment to repair the impaired kidney structure.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an effective treatment for kidney failure in type 1 diabetes. It can control diabetes and reverse kidney damage effectively. If so, the patients will avoid the onset of dialysis.

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