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Causes of Low Hemoglobulin And Anemia in Dialysis Patients

2014-01-09 10:50

Anemia is a common complaint for dialysis patients. Knowing its cause can help the patients control manage it better.

Anemia is a disorder in the level of red blood cells is lower than normal.Red blood cells have hemoglobin which can carry oxygen to tissues and cells throughout the body.Without enough and hemoglobin oxygen,you will feel tired and suffer from chill and pale face.

The dialysis patients develop anemia and low hemoglobulin due to the following causes.

*Healthy kidneys can produce a kind of hormone called erythropoietin which can stimulate bone marrow to produce red blood cells.However, the diseased kidneys fail to perform the function.

*You may lose some blood during hemodialysis treatments and blood testing.

*A restricted diet is required for renal patients.It is very likely to cause low levels of iron.Iron is an important material of making hemoglobin.

*You may have low levels of vitamin B12 or folate.These vitamins are also needed to make red blood cells.

How to manage anemia and low hemoglobulin for dialysis patients? Artificial EPO is commonly prescribed to dialysis patients. It can act like the hormone erythropoietin from healthy kidneys and help the body make red blood cells. In addition, iron supply should increased. Taking extra iron can help solve the problem and make the EPO therapy more effective. After the treatment, you should begin to feel better and have energy to do more things.

The above treatments tips only can relieve anemia and increase low hemoglobulin to some extent for dialysis patients.However, as the condition results from impaired kidney function. Reversing kidney damage is the underlying treatment goal.Hot Compress Therapy is an effective treatment for dialysis patients.

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