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How to Relieve Itching in Hemodialysis

2014-01-02 10:24

Skin itching is a common complaint for people on hemodialysis. Knowing how to relieve the condition can help the patients live a better life.


The patients on hemodialysis may experience itching at some point.Some feel itchy all the time,while for others it comes and goes.Generally,itching becomes worse during or just after Dialysis treatment.Some patients feel it in only one area, but some feel itchy all over.

Causes and management of itching in hemodialysis

Itching in hemodialysis can be attributed to a number of causes, as follows:

Elevated phosphorus level

Excess deposition of phosphorus in blood is a major culprit of itching skin for the patients.Dialysis only can remove a partial waste products from body,but it is not as efficient as kidneys to filter blood, thus resulting in high building up of phosphorus in body.

Phosphate binders are commonly to lower the high level.It can reduce the absorption of phosphorus from foods.Also,the patients are recommended to cut down foods high in phosphorus. To remove all varieties of toxins and waste products from body, Blood Purification is recommended.It is composed of a group of blood purification methods which can purify blood completely.

High PTH levels

As the calcium level decreases and phosphorus levels increases, high PTH levels will result.Hence,skin itching can occur.In addition,high PTH levels may also cause bone problems.

Correcting the imbalance of calcium and phosphorus in blood can help relieve itching in hemodialysis.You can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  to get medical suggestions to deal with them.

Allergic to dialyzer

If the patients allergic to dialyzer, blood tubing or medications, they may experience itching during hemodialysis.In this case, the itching often occurs at the beginning of dialysis treatment. If so,you should report it to your doctor or nurse. If the dialysis treatment can be adjusted, the itching will be relieved fundamentally.

The above are some causes and managements of skin itching in hemodialysis. However, the underlying cause of skin itching is reduced renal function and kidney impairment. To control the condition fundamentally, the patients should have a treatment to restore kidney structure and enhance renal function. Stem Cell Therapy is the recommended treatment for the patients.

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