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How to Deal with Dizziness And Nausea after Hemodialysis

2013-12-26 10:31

Hemodialysis is the most commonly applied replacement treatment for people with kidney failure.While it can sustain a person's life,the patients often suffer from a lot of complications and discomforts. How to deal with dizziness and nausea after hemodialysis?

Causes and management of dizziness and nausea after hemodialysis

When you develop dizziness and nausea after a hemodialysis treatment,that usually indicates that too much fluid was eliminated during the treatment.You have to report it to your doctor and he/she will adjust the treatment to reduce the fluid output.Dry weight refers to the body weight without extra fluid in body.Adequate and effective dialysis treatment can help the body eliminate the extra fluid to reach the dry body weight.It is important to weigh yourself before and after hemodialysis.

If extra fluid builds up between hemodialysis treatments, it will make dialysis treatment difficult.In this case,higher level of fluid has to be filtered out of body by hemodialysis.Sudden drop in blood flow also can contribute to dizziness and nausea after hemodialysis.

Another common cause of dizziness and nausea after hemodialysis is low blood pressure.High blood pressure medications are commonly used in Kidney Failure.As hemodialysis can remove the extra fluid from body,it can lower high blood pressure effectively.If you still take medications for high blood pressure before dialysis treatment,it is very likely to cause low blood pressure. Low blood pressure can contribute to dizziness and nausea after hemodialysis.

Apart from dizziness and nausea, the patients on hemodialysis also experience skin itching, infection etc.Therefore,the patients are eager to find an alternative treatment to hemodialysis.Peritoneal dialysis can work in a mild way so the patients often experience less complications than hemodialysis. To help the patients on hemodialysis get rid of hemodialysis completely,the underlying treatment goal is to restore the impaired kidney structure and enhance renal function.Stem Cell Therapy is an effective treatment for the patients.

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