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Very Low Blood Pressure after Dialysis

2013-12-22 14:58

Dialysis is an important lifesaving method for people whose kidneys fail to function adequately.It can prolong patients’ life span,but the patients may suffer from a host of discomforts and complications.Very low blood pressure commonly occurs after dialysis.

Causes of low blood pressure after dialysis

Low blood pressure after dialysis can be contributed to a number of causes.Dialysis is done periodically and it is generally performed 2-3 times a week.If the patients have extra fluid intake,it will cause too much body weight gain.If too much fluid is filtered out by dialysis,it will lose blood volume decline,thus resulting in low blood pressure.In addition,if the patient take medicines for high blood pressure before dialysis is performed, it can worsen low blood pressure.

Another cause of low blood pressure for dialysis patients is kidney impairment.Healthy kidneys can produce a kind of hormone called renin which plays a vital role in regulating blood pressure.The diseased kidneys will produce more renin,thus contracting blood vessels.Consequently, low blood pressure will be the result.

If low blood pressure occurs after dialysis,the patients will experience dizziness,chill and even nausea and vomiting.

Treatment for low blood pressure after Dialysis

There are some tips which can prevent low blood pressure after dialysis.Firstly,the patients should limit fluid intake between dialysis treatments.It can prevent extra fluid buildup in body. Secondly, medications for high blood pressure should not be taken unless they are prescribed.

However,reduced renal function and kidney damage are the underlying cause of low blood pressure.To control blood pressure fundamentally,the patients should have a treatment to restore the impaired kidney structure and enhance renal function.Stem Cell Therapy can improve renal function by restoring the impaired kidney tissues and cells fundamentally. If kidneys can function better, dialysis will not be required.

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