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Can Ketosteril Help Improve the Life Quality on Dialysis

2013-12-19 16:06

Ketosteril is a kind of common medicine for renal patient. It is generally prescribed to people with glomerular filtration rate (GFR) below 25 ml/min.It has showed remarkable effects in improving the life quality of people on dialysis.Ketosteril has the following benefits on dialysis patients.

Improve malnutrition

Protein-energy malnutrition is a common complication of in dialysis patients due to a number of attributable factors. Firstly,a restricted diet low in protein is required for renal patients.Secondly,some proteins may lose during dialysis treatment.Thirdly, protein metabolic disturbance can occur in people with Kidney Failure.

The serum albumin level has a negative correlation with death rate for dialysis patients. If serum albumin level reduces from 4g/dL to 3.5g/dL,the death rate will be doubled.If the serum albumin level decreases,the death risk will be reduced remarkably.

Ketosteril can help improve the malnutrition by increasing the serum albumin level for dialysis patients. Ketosteril can make use of the nitrogen in nonessential amino acid, thus decreasing the production of nitrogen. In addition,ketosteril can increase the catabolic rate of protein or decrease its degradation. Hence, it can increase the level of albumin in serum. Increased level of albumin in serum can help relieve malnutrition in dialysis patients effectively.

Lower high phosphorus level in dialysis patients

Among dialysis patients,phosphorus level is generally higher than normal. If phosphorus level is very high,it can increase the death rate significantly.The calcium in ketosteril can improve the metabolic disturbance of calcium and phosphorus. In addition,some ingredients in ketosteril can produce a kind of insoluble calcium-phosphate which can reduce the absorption of phosphorus effectively.

Ketosteril has the above health benefits on people on dialysis. By reliving the discomforts and complications, it can improve the patients’ life quality remarkably.

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