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Chinese Herbs-Alternative Treatment to Dialysis

2013-12-05 11:47

Chinese Herbs-Alternative Treatment to DialysisDialysis is the first-line treatment option for people with kidney failure.If the patients are accustomed to the treatment,they can live a fulfilling life.However,the complications and discomforts can even make the patients collapsed.Therefore, the patients are eager to find an alternative treatment to dialysis.Chinese herbs are considered to be an effective alternative treatment to dialysis.

Chinese herbs

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has thousands of years of history in China.It has been applied to treat a variety of refractory aliments up to now.Chinese herbs are the most important part of TCM. In these years, with the development of medical technology, a number of new forms of Chinese herbs have been introduced to treat kidney diseases.Rheum officinale,Cordyceps sinensis,Plantain are commonly applied to treat kidney disease.

Chinese herbs for Kidney Failure

In treating kidney failure,Chinese herbs can restore the impaired kidney structure to enhance renal function fundamentally and remarkably.

Firstly,Chinese herbs can dilate blood vessels to improve blood flow through kidneys.Increased blood supply can bring more nutrients and oxygen to impaired kidney tissues.It can create a favorable internal environment for repairing the damaged kidneys.

Secondly,Chinese herbs are tonic to body and they can stimulate the production of growing factors.If so,the impaired kidney tissues and cells can be repaired and regenerated. Hence, the renal function will be enhanced remarkably and no dialysis will be required.

Chinese herbs are also available to people on Dialysis.The herbs not only can relieve the patients’ discomforts,but also can enhance renal function.There have been many cases in which dialysis patients get rid of dialysis successfully. You can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  to get these patient stories.

However, some Chinese herbs may be toxic to kidneys and cause adverse effects on body. Therefore, you should never use herbs without consulting with a Chinese medicine practitioner.

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