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Shivering And Vomiting after Dialysis

2013-11-23 15:52

Dialysis is a lifesavor for people whose kidneys fail to function. While it can prolong the patients’ life span, the patients often experience a host of discomforts.Shivering and vomiting commonly occur after dialysis.

Causes of shivering and vomiting after dialysis

Shivering after dialysis is mainly attributed to infection.Before dialysis is applied,access site is built firstly.An access site is an area of the body where a needle or catheter is inserted to perform dialysis.The access sites can serve as a possible site for bacteria,thus making the patients prone to infection. Infection may cause shivering and fever.

Vomiting after dialysis can be due to several attributable factors.Firstly,low blood pressure is one of possible causes of vomiting after dialysis.Dialysis can remove the accumulated fluid from body to relieve fluid retention and edema.However,if extra fluid is eliminated from body,it may cause low blood pressure.Low blood pressure can cause vomiting.In addition, vomiting after dialysis may be due to high levels of waste products in body.If dialysis is done inadequately,a large amount of waste products will linger in body.

How to deal with shivering and vomiting after dialysis?

To deal with shivering and vomiting after dialysis,the first step is to find out the specific causes. What is the cause of shivering and vomiting in your case? You can chat with our online doctor for an answer now!

If the shivering after dialysis is related to infection,the patients should find ways to deal with it.Generally,antibiotics are used to treat infection. Also, it is important to enhance immunity to reduce the risk of developing infection.

As for the vomiting after dialysis,dialysis treatment should be adjusted if it is due to inadequate dialysis.

Apart from shivering and vomiting after dialysis, the patients may also experience many other complications and discomforts. Therefore, many patients are eager to find an alternative treatment to dialysis. Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can restore the impaired kidney structure and enhance renal function to help the patients get rid of dialysis completely.

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