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Low Blood Pressure during Dialysis

2013-10-26 16:12

Dialysis is a major replacement treatment for people with kidney failure.It plays a significant role in extending the patients’ life span.However,a host of complications and discomforts can occur during dialysis,in which low blood pressure is very common.

Why does low blood pressure occur during Dialysis?

There is a number of attributable factors to low blood pressure during dialysis.If the patients do not pay much attention to fluid intake,it is very likely to cause body weight gain.When dialysis is performed,it can increase ultrafiltration and reduce blood volume,thus giving rise to low blood pressure.In addition,as extra fluid can be removed from body by dialysis,it can lower the blood volume.Generally,medications for high blood pressure will not be taken once dialysis is initiated. You should consult with your doctor if you should cut down or even cut off medications for high blood pressure during dialysis.Or you can consult with our online doctor for the answer now!

Apart from the above causes of low blood pressure during dialysis,low levels of sodium in blood,heart insufficiency etc also can contribute to the condition.

If the patients on dialysis suffer from low blood pressure,they will experience dizziness,nausea,vomiting,sweating,palpitation, chest tightness,shortness of breath etc. How to treat low blood pressure during dialysis is the major concerned issue for the patients.

How to treat low blood pressure during dialysis?

The first step is to find out the causes of low blood pressure during dialysis.What is the cause in your case?Email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  for more medical suggestions.

If low blood pressure is associated with improper dialysis,the dialysis treatment should be adjusted to avoid ultrafiltration. If the blood volume can keep at a standard level,low blood pressure will be controlled.

In addition,the patients should limit the intake of fluid and sodium during dialysis session.Fluid overload can increase the risk of developing low blood pressure during dialysis treatment.

As the underlying cause of low blood pressure during dialysis is reduced renal function, if the renal function can be enhanced, low blood pressure will be controlled completely.

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