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When to Start Dialysis for People with Diabetes&Creatinine 200

2013-09-25 14:50

Dialysis is a replacement therapy and it is used when kidneys fail to function adequately.When to start dialysis for people with diabetes and creatinine 200?

There is no a standard for when to start dialysis. Some patients may start dialysis even if their creatinine is only as high as 200.However,some patients may delay dialysis until their creatinine exceeds 1000.Therefore, only creatinine 200 can not decide if you should start dialysis.

Besides creatinine level,the patients should all take the following aspects into consideration before starting dialysis.

Glomerular filtration rate (GFR)

GFR measures how much fluid is filtered by kidneys.The normal result of GFR is between 90~125ml/min.As renal function decline,less fluid will be filtered by kidney, thus resulting in reduced GFR.Generally, when GFR is below 10,Dialysis may be prescribed.


Associated complications of Kidney Failure are significant to decide when to start dialysis.If the patients have serious fluid retention,high levels of potassium,high levels of uremic toxins etc in body,dialysis will be prescribed even if creatinine level is not high.Diabetes is a very complex disease and can cause a host of complications.These complications make the diabetics start dialysis earlier than non-diabetics.

Creatinine,GFR and associated complications are generally used to evaluate if the patients should start dialysis.However,when to start dialysis is still up to the patients’ specific illness condition.

Consult with our online medical professional to get if you should start dialysis now!

However,not all patients with diabetes and high creatinine will need dialysis.If the impaired kidneys can be restored,the kidneys will return to work to filter blood.If so,no dialysis will not be required.The combined application of Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy and Blood Pollution Therapy will be the recommended treatment for people with diabetes and creatinine 200.It can help the patients attain the above treatment goals and help the patients avoid dialysis.

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