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Weight Gain And Bloating in Peritoneal Dialysis

2013-09-21 17:17

Peritoneal dialysis is one of dialysis treatments for renal failure patients.It can purify blood by using the abdominal membrane. As it can be operated by the patient own, it is supposed a good dialysis treatment for patients.However,the patients will also experience a number of side effects, in which weight gain and bloating are commonly seen.

Weight gain and bloating

Weight gain can result from the sugar in the dialysis solution being absorbed by the body.These extra calories could lead to weight gain.

During peritoneal Dialysis process,the dialysis solution filter out both toxins and extra fluid from the bloodstream.When the dialysis solution is drained,a patient will normally remove more fluid than what was originally placed in the peritoneum.However, if dialysis is not performed improperly,excess fluid will sit in the peritoneum,thus resulting in bloating.Bloating often occurs along with weight gain.

How to deal with weight gain and bloating in peritoneal dialysis? Consult with our online professional for more suggestions.

Apart from bloating and weight gain, the patients on peritoneal dialysis may also experience the following side effects.


Because of the full feeling from the dialysis solution in their stomach area, the patients ma find eating uncomfortable.Eating less is very likely to cause malnutrition. The patients should consult with a dietitian and to make out a balanced diet to meet their body’s needs.


Frequent dialysis solution exchanges can increase the risk of infection significantly.To reduce the risk of infection,exchange should be performed in a clean area.The patients should wash their hands with soap and wear sterile gloves when exchange the solution.

While peritoneal dialysis can prolong the patients’ life span, the patients have to suffer a lot. How to get rid of dialysis to live a high-quality life? Email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  to get more treatment information on people on dialysis.

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