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Numbness in Hands during Dialysis

2013-09-18 14:36

Numbness in Hands during DialysisNumbness in hands can occur in some patients during dialysis. In serious case, it may process to dull aching pain and it is so severe that dialysis has to be stopped.What are the causes of numbness? Is there any way to relieve it?

Numbness in hands may be related to fistula.Before hemodialysis is performed,a fistula is established to connect vein and artery.In the first days,the blood circulation in hands can not recover normal.Inadequate blood supply to hands may cause coldness or numbness in the hands with the fistula. After the blood circulation returns to normal, the bad sensation will recover.If these sensations can not recover but become more severe, the patients should report them to the doctor immediately as it may imply too much leakage of fluid from hands.

Another cause of numbness in hands during Dialysis is steal syndrome. Steal syndrome is diversion or “steal”of blood from the distal circulation. This creates a zone of arterial insufficiency in the tissue distal to the fistula,which manifested by pain,ischemic neuropathy,ulceration and gangrene and numbness in hands. If it occurs, the dialysis patients should report to their doctor immediately. Or you can consult with our online doctor to get some suggestions.

In addition,any restriction of blood flow through fistula may cause numbness in hands or other problems.After the fistula is built in dialysis, you should follow the tips to improve the blood flow through fistula.

*Avoid tight clothing that can cause pressure on the access area

*If swelling,pain or redness occurs in the legs with fistula,you should report it to your doctor immediately.

*Avoid carrying any heavy items like bags, purses etc with the arms with fistula.

*Don’t sleep with the arm with access under the head or pillow

If the blood can flows smoothly in the arm with fistula, the numbness in hands will recover.

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