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Side Effects of Dialysis:Hair Loss,Fatigue And Dizziness

2013-09-12 15:20

Dialysis is performed when the kidneys fail to work properly.It can keep the patients alive and make them live a better life. However, a host of side effects often occur. Hair loss, fatigue and dizziness are common side effects of dialysis.

Hair loss in dialysis

Zinc deficiency is a major culprit of hair loss for people on dialysis.People on dialysis are prone to suffer zinc deficiency due to several causes.High-protein food is an important source of zinc.A low-protein diet is low in zinc and may not meet a person’s daily needs.

If more zinc supplement can be given, this condition can be relieved. What is the recommended zinc supplement for people on dialysis? Email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  for more suggestions.

Fatigue in dialysis

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms experienced by patients receiving dialysis. It is contributed to several causes as follows:

Sleep disorders, such as apnea and restless leg syndrome are common among patients receiving dialysis. If the patients can not have enough high-quality sleep, they may experience fatigue and bad mood.

Anemia is an important cause of fatigue in dialysis.It occurs as the diseased kidneys can not make enough EPO,a hormone which can stimulate the production of red blood cells.Red blood cells can distribute oxygen to body tissues and cells.Without efficient oxygen supply to tissues and cells, the patients will experience extreme fatigue.

In addition, if extra fluid is removed and the dry weight is much lower than normal, it can give rise to fatigue.

Dizziness in dialysis

High or low blood pressure is a major cause of dizziness in dialysis. High blood pressure occurs if extra fluid builds up in body. Low blood pressure can occur if extra fluid is removed from body or medications for high blood pressure are used before dialysis treatment.

The above are the causes of hair loss,fatigue and dizziness in dialysis patients.Apart from them,muscle cramp, skin itching, heart attack etc may occur. How to prevent these bad outcomes effectively? Consult with our online doctor for more treatment suggestions.

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