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Supplement of Zinc And Protein in People on Dialysis

2013-09-09 16:08

Supplement of Zinc And Protein in People on DialysisA balanced diet plays an important role in keeping the patients on dialysis well.As dialysis patients often experience poor appetite,and some nutrients may be lost during dialysis treatment.Therefore,the patients need some supplements of nutrients and minerals.The supplement of zinc and protein is necessary for the patients on dialysis.

Supplement of zinc in people on Dialysis

Protein is an important source of zinc.However,the renal patients have to develop a low-protein diet to reduce the production of wastes to decrease stress on kidneys.A low-protein die may not meet a person’s daily needs.Zinc deficiency is major cause of hair loss for people on dialysis.

How to increase the supplement of zinc? From foods, medicine? Chat with our online medical professional for more suggestions now!

Supplement of protein in people on dialysis

Protein is responsible for building and repairing muscle and tissues,healing wounds and fighting infection.Not eating enough protein can cause serious problems and even steer you towards an early death.However,as the patients on dialysis may lose protein during the treatment,they have to increase the supplement of protein to meet their individual’s needs. However, if extra protein is provided, it will cause extra strain on kidneys. How to manage daily protein supplement? Chat with our online doctor now!

Apart from supplement of zinc and protein for people on dialysis, the patients should also pay more attention to the following supplements.

Some vitamins and minerals can be lost during a dialysis treatment. Usually water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin C and B. Iron, calcium, and vitamin D are also suggested to patients on dialysis. However, as some supplements may contain ingredients which are harmful to kidneys, the dialysis patients should never have any supplements without consulting with a doctor.

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