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Why Do Patients with Diabetes on Dialysis Feel Tired

2013-09-07 15:49

Why Do Patients with Diabetes on Dialysis Feel TiredMany patients with diabetes who are on dialysis often complain that they often feel very tired. How does tiredness occur? Is there any way to manage it?

Why do patients with diabetes on dialysis feel tired?

Two common causes of tiredness for diabetics are too high or two low blood sugar levels. Insulin can convert glucose into energy that body cells need. However, when there is no enough insulin in body or the body can not use insulin properly, sugar can not be converted into energy to meet the body’s need. As a result, the patients will feel tired.

When blood glucose level in body is too low,there is not enough source of energy.When the body can not get enough energy, it will result in tiredness.

If tiredness is related to the above causes in Diabetes,how to reverse it?Have no idea?Chat with our online doctor to get more suggestions now!

Low dry weight

Dry weight is an important value in measuring the quality of dialysis. If proper dry body weight is attained after dialysis, the patients will feel very comfortable. However, the patients may feel tired if excessive fluid is removed from body.

Low blood pressure

If low blood pressure occurs, the patients with diabetes on dialysis may also feel tired.Low blood pressure occurs if extra fluid is removed from body.Or if the patients take high blood pressure medications before dialysis, it is also very likely to cause low blood pressure.Therefore,to prevent low blood pressure, patients may be asked not to take high blood pressure medications before dialysis treatments, but you should never skip medications without consulting with a doctor.

In addition, anemia, removal of too much fluid from body etc also can make the patients with diabetes feel tired. Control the causes of tiredness can relieve the fatigue. Email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  to get to know how to control the above causes.

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