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What Happens when You Miss Several Dialysis Treatments

2013-09-05 15:38

When you are hooked up to dialysis,you will have to arrange daily activity around the treatment schedule.Sometimes when you have some conflicts with your dialysis appointments, you may miss the dialysis treatment.What happens when you miss several dialysis treatments?

Healthy kidneys work 24 hours a day,7 days a week to filter blood.However,dialysis only replaces about 15% of what healthy kidneys do.More treatment is better.If you skip several dialysis treatments,a myriad of bad things can happen.Research shows that if you skip treatments,you have increased risk of complications and early death.

If you skip several dialysis treatments,high levels of fluid and metabolic products will build up in body to cause damage to multiple important organs and systems and even failure of multiple organs.If the patients perform dialysis according to their treatment schedule, you will be certainly able to live a longer life.

However, if the patients can have effective treatment, their kidney function will have an improvement. They will be able to reduce your dialysis treatments then.

What can you do to stay healthy on Dialysis?

-Follow a restricted diet low in sodium and fluid. It can reduce the retention of fluid and wastes in body so you will feel more comfortable.

-If you can not come to dialysis, you should call your staff to reschedule your dialysis treatment soon.

-Know the adequacy numbers and be sure you are getting enough treatment.

-If you are on peritoneal dialysis,plan ahead to have the supplies and space you need to do the dialysate exchanges.

If you can follow the above tips, you will be certainly able to live a longer and better life on dialysis.

However,the life on dialysis is really tough and the patients have to manage so many discomforts and complications. How to manage the side effects of dialysis effectively and improve renal function to reduce dialysis frequency? Chat with our online medical professional now!

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