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Is Foot Bath Therapy Beneficial For Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

2017-04-27 07:45

Foot Bath Therapy for Diabetic Nephropathy Foot Bath Therapy is an external application of Chinese medicine treatment in our hospital. It is beneficial for Diabetic Nephropathy patients.

Diabetic Nephropathy means the kidneys have been damaged by long time of high blood sugar. The kidney is an important organ to keep the balance of the internal environment by producing urine and removing the waste substances. In this condition, when kidneys are damaged, patients will experience lots of symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, itchy skin, poor appetite and swelling, etc.

As a natural treatment, Foot Bath Therapy is welcomed by more patients. There are many acupoints in the feet and some of acupoints are connected with your kidneys. Through activating the acupoints in the feet, it can support nutrients and oxygen to the injured kidneys. This can stimulate the self-healing ability of injured kidney tissues.

According to your specific illness condition, proper Chinese medicines will be chosen and then boiled into soup. Patients put their feet into medicated soup. The active ingredients of Chinese medicines can promote blood circulation, provide necessary nutrients to the kidneys, make patients sweat, dredge the channels, repair injured kidney cells and improve your immunity. With foot bath therapy, symptoms like itchy skin, high creatinine level, poor appetite and poor sleep quality will be improved greatly.

Foot Bath Therapy is one of unique remedies in our hospital. It usually combines with other Chinese medicine therapies to treat Diabetic Nephropathy such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Foot Bath, Mai Kang Mixture, Medicinal Soup, Moxibustion Therapy and Steaming Therapy, etc. Our doctor will give you a treatment plan based on your specific illness condition. Different condition will be given different therapy. Welcome to consult our online doctor for detailed information.

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