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Symptoms And Treatment For Diabetic Nephropathy

2015-09-04 01:48

Symptoms And Treatment For Diabetic NephropathyDiabetic Nephropathy mostly occurs in those who have diabetes for more than 10 years. When kidneys are damaged, patients may suffer from some symptoms. Here I introduce you some symptoms and treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy.

1. What are symptoms of diabetic nephropathy?


In the early stage, patients usually have no swelling. A few patients may have mild swelling when they have decreased plasma protein. If there is massive proteinuria, decreased plasma protein and worsened edema, it indicates that your disease is in the late stage.


Patients with obvious azotemia may suffer from mild anemia.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure is often to be seen in patients with kidney disease. Kidney disease aggravation is often caused by high blood pressure.

2. What is the treatment for diabetic nephropathy?

Control blood pressure

Since high blood pressure is an important factor to worsen diabetic nephropathy. Therefore, diabetic nephropathy patients should keep a light diet. At the same time, they should also take hypotensive medications to control their blood pressure.

Avoid urinary system infection

Recurrent urinary system infection can speed up the progression of diabetic nephropathy. Therefore, it is very important for patients to avoid urinary system infection.

Manage blood sugar

Studies have shown that patients with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes should manage their blood sugar level, which plays an important role in stopping the development of diabetic nephropathy.

Consume protein

Patients in the early stage of diabetic nephropathy may leak lots of protein into urine, so they need to consume moderate protein especially some high quality animal protein. However, in the late stage of diabetic nephropathy, patients should limit protein intake properly particularly restricting low quality of animal protein intake.

Chinese medicine treatment

Clinical studies prove that Chinese medicines are effective for treating kidney disease. Diabetic Nephropathy patients can accept Chinese medicine treatment under the instruction of professional doctor.

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