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How to Recover from Diabetic Kidney Disease

2014-11-09 08:57

How to Recover from Diabetic Kidney DiseaseDiabetes is not deadly if we can control blood sugar in normal range. However, in many cases, due to years of uncontrolled blood sugar, kidney problem is finally damaged. Diabetic kidney disease is clinically called Diabetic Nephropathy which progresses over time. Kidney failure is the final result of diabetic kidney disease if we do nothing to stop its progression. And for these who can bring their illness under control timely, they have great chance to live as well as they did before. Well, how can we recover from diabetic kidney disease?

In our hospital, diabetic kidney disease is treated with a systematic treatment method which contains the following several steps:

1. Tight control of high blood pressure and high blood sugar

Temporary high blood pressure or high blood sugar is not deadly, but if it lasts for a long time, kidney tissues will be damaged. Controlling blood sugar and blood pressure in normal range is the precondition of the reserving of diabetic kidney disease.

2. Repairing of injured kidney tissues

Kidney is an organ with bean-shape which works through different kidney tissues when which are damaged, kidney function declines. To recover from diabetic kidney disease, repairing injured kidney tissues is needed to strengthen kidney and increase kidney function. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the most commonly used herbal treatment to help diabetic kidney disease patients repair damaged kidney tissues.

3. A kidney-friendly diet to reduce kidney burden

Kidney damages can not be repaired just with diet, but a well-planed diet helps to reduce kidney burden, which is good for residual kidney tissues. Diet plan for diabetic kidney disease patients is usually made according to specific illness condition, so you can consult our online doctor get individual diet advice.

4. Healthy living style

Healthy living style helps to strengthen immune system and increase immunity. So developing good living habits and kick bad habits like smoking, drinking and staying up is very necessary.

With systematic treatment, diabetic kidney disease patients receive good treatment effects and some of them even get off dialysis successfully. If you have any questions and want to learn more about this systematic treatment, please leave message tokidneycares@hotmail.com.

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