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How To Use Insulin Properly For Diabetic Nephropathy

2014-09-05 09:16

How To Use Insulin Properly For Diabetic NephropathyInsulin is able to control blood sugar to treat diabetes. Well, can insulin treat Diabetic Nephropathy? The experts will give detailed information for this question. What should diabetic nephropathy patients pay attention to with insulin treatment?

Diabetes is a very long history of illness. Therefore, many complications will occur. Diabetic Nephropathy is one of the complications. When blood sugar in diabetes cannot get controlled, it will progress to diabetic nephropathy. The common treatment for diabetic nephropathy is insulin treatment.

How to use insulin properly for diabetic nephropathy?

1. If diet and oral medicine for controlling blood sugar, and patients have suffered from kidney dysfunction, insulin should be taken as soon as possible.

2. Type 1 diabetes patients with unstable blood sugar, insulin pump or insulin pen injection is applied for intensive insulin therapy. This helps make blood sugar under control.

3. When azotemia occurs, reducing and regulating the dosage of insulin according to the blood glucose monitor.

4. With kidney dysfunction or uremia, insulin degradation by kidneys becomes obviously reduced. In blood circulation, half-life period of insulin is prolonged, so the need for insulin also decreases. Diabetic Nephropathy patients with kidney dysfunction should test blood sugar level regularly when taking insulin. Besides, insulin dosage regulation is able to avoid low blood sugar.

5. Live dysfunction patients will inactivate insulin in liver. However, liver fails to regulate blood sugar level, which is able to cause volatile blood sugar, so the dosage of insulin is also changeable.

Although insulin is helpful for diabetic nephropathy, it cannot cure the disease from the root and long time use of insulin may cause many side effects. In this light, we recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which can recover your kidneys and rebuild normal kidney structure. Thus, you can live a healthy life and avoid relapse of diabetic nephropathy.

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