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Conventional And Alternative Treatment For Diabetic Nephropathy

2014-09-03 02:31

Conventional And Alternative Treatment For Diabetic NephropathyWhat are the treatments for diabetic nephropathy? Diabetic nephropathy is the most common complication of diabetes and its incidence is higher. At present about 50 million patients are suffering from diabetes. Well then what are the treatment for diabetic nephropathy? Patients and family members are most concerned about this question and the following will explain it in detail.

There are conventional and alternative therapies for diabetic nephropathy.

Conventional therapies for diabetic nephropathy

1. Dietary therapy

Dietary therapy is the basic treatment for diabetic nephropathy. In the early stage, patients should limit the intake of protein and 0.8g/kg per body weight per day is proper. Also they should choose high quality protein so as to lighten kidney burden. As for massive proteinuria, swelling and kidney dysfunction, patients should limit protein to 0.6g/kg per body weight per day. It is also important to regulate blood fat disorder, alleviate renal artery sclerosis, take proper exercise, quit smoking and alcohol and prevent inflammation, etc.

2. Control high blood sugar

Diabetic nephropathy patients control high blood sugar strictly to make blood sugar in the normal range. This helps reduce the risk of microvascular complications including reducing the incidence rate of diabetic nephropathy and delay the development of microangiopathy. Severe kidney dysfunction patients should take short term of insulin therapy.

3. Keep high blood pressure under control

High blood pressure and diabetic nephropathy often exist at the same time. Once patients have high blood pressure, diabetic nephropathy will be worsened. It forms a vicious circle. Therefore, controlling and treating high blood pressure is important to prevent microvascular and large vascular lesions.

Alternative treatment for diabetic nephropathy

As you can see, conventional therapies only control the symptoms but fail to treat the disease from the root. Diabetic nephropathy is a kidney disease from many years of diabetes. Damage to the kidney called Nephropathy is a common long term complication of diabetes. The root solution for diabetic nephropathy is to repair damaged kidney tissues and rebuild up kidney structure. In this light, we recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which treats diabetic nephropathy starting from removing initiating factors of renal fibrosis by diabetes and creates a favorable environment for repairing injured renal intrinsic cells.

You can treat diabetic kidney disease with both conventional treatment and alternative therapy. In this way, the therapeutic effects are better than only conventional treatment or alternative remedy.

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