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Can Stage 3 Kidney Disease Caused by Diabetes Be Reversed

2014-09-02 03:58

Can Stage 3 Kidney Disease Caused by Diabetes Be ReversedYears of diabetes can cause damage to kidneys, because your kidneys have to work hard all the time to remove the excess sugar from the blood. But sometimes patients may not realize that they get kidney disease until it has developed to stage 3 when many symptoms begin to appear. Can stage 3 kidney disease caused by Diabetes be reversed?

People with stage 3 chronic kidney disease has moderate kidney damage. But with appropriate treatment, there is still 50 percent of possibility for you to reverse the kidney damage. Then what is appropriate treatment?

Stabilize blood sugar level

For patients with stage 3 kidney disease caused by diabetes, they should control their blood sugar well first. Though there are many medications such as sulfonylureas and biguanide, but they often have side effects. Besides, once you reduce or stop the medications, blood sugar level increases again. Here we recommend Tang Yi Kang. It is a kind of Chinese therapy, which can repair the pancreas islet to lower blood sugar level.

Repair the damaged kidneys

Our body has immense self-healing ability. If you can set up a good environment for the damaged kidneys. They can gradually repair themselves.

-Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Circle Therapy and Moxibustion are the common used therapy to draw out toxins from the blood so as to reduce the burden on the kidneys. Besides, they can remove the blood stasis and strengthen immune system.

-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is used to dilate blood vessels to increase blood flow volume to the kidneys and improve blood circulation in kidneys, which helps clean immune complexes from the blood. This can reduce kidney inflammation. Besides, this therapy can stop kidney fibrosis.

-Mai Kang Mixture is a Chinese patent medicine, which can lower cholesterol level, prevent thrombus, block blood clotting, etc.

-Decoction such as euphorbia humifusa and snow lotus herb is used depending on your medical condition.

In addition, you should pay attention to the diet and exercise. With comprehensive treatment, your damaged kidneys can repair themselves and then you can live a normal life.

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