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Treatment for Diabetic Nephropathy with Increased BUN&Creatinine

2014-01-17 15:51

Diabetic nephropathy is secondary to diabetes and it occurs among people with a long history of diabetes.When renal function declines,increased BUN and creatinine will result. What is the treatment for diabetic nephropathy with increased BUN and creatinine?

Diabetic Nephropathy with increased BUN and creatinine

Kidneys are composed of a cluster of small blood vessels.The small blood vessels equipped with tiny holes on them act as filters in kidneys.When blood flows through kidneys,the filters can eliminate waste products and extra fluid from blood.The useful substances can not pass through the holes of filters so will be preserved in body.

Creatinine and urea nitrogen are normally filtered by kidneys. However,in diabetic nephropathy,the kidneys fail to function adequately. Hence, increased BUN and creatinine will be the result.

Treatment for diabetic nephropathy with increased BUN and creatinine

The general treatment for diabetic nephropathy with increased BUN and creatinine mainly includes insulin and antidiabetic drugs for controlling high blood glucose level and treatments to control the complications of Diabetes and diabetic nephropathy.

As mentioned above,the underlying cause of diabetic nephropathy with increased BUN and creatinine is the damage to the small blood vessels in kidneys.To control the disease fundamentally,a treatment should be applied to restore the impaired blood vessels.

Besides the conservative treatment for diabetic nephropathy, Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy will also be applied.The osmotherapy is an externally applied therapy of Chinese herbal medicine.As micro-Chinese medicines can be penetrated into kidney lesion directly through the channels on back,the therapy can take effects more rapidly than the oral medicines.Also,it is free of adverse effects on body systems and organs.The effective medicine ingredients can provide nutrients for the impaired kidney tissues and cells and also can stimulate the releasing of growing factors in body. When the kidney structure is restored, renal function will be improved remarkably and fundamentally. If so, increased creatinine and BUN will be lowered in diabetic nephropathy completely.

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