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Diabetic Nephropathy Treatment in Ayurveda

2013-12-15 11:25

Diabetic nephropathy is a serious complication of diabetes.If no aggressive treatment is applied, kidney failure will be the result. What is the treatment for diabetic nephropathy in ayurveda?


Ayurveda is the ancient Indian system of the natural and holistic medicine.It bestows us with the knowledge of how to prevent disease and how to eliminate its root cause if it does occur.It has been applied to treat a host of aliments and diseases in clinic.

Diabetic nephropathy

The small blood vessels in kidneys act as filters which can filter out the waste products from body.The useful substances can not pass through the filters so will be preserved in body.

However,in Diabetes,long-term high blood glucose can cause extra strain on the small blood vessels in kidneys.Over time, the blood vessels will become worn out and fail to function adequately. Diabetic nephropathy will result.

Ayurveda for diabetic nephropathy

Ayurveda can help lower blood glucose level and relieve the associated symptoms of diabetic nephropathy,thus improving patients’ overall condition.However,it can not restore the impaired kidney structure or enhance renal function. Is there any alternative treatment for diabetic nephropathy to ayurveda? Stem Cell Therapy is an effective treatment for diabetic nephropathy.

Stem cell therapy for diabetic nephropathy

Stem cell therapy can treat diabetic nephropathy completely by controlling diabetes and restoring the impaired kidney structure.

Stem cells are a group of immature cells with powerful differentiating capacity.In right condition,they can divide into various kinds of cells that body needs.In treating diabetic nephropathy,the stem cells can divide into both renal intrinsic cells and islet cells to replace the impaired and necrotic cells. When the islet cells can return to produce insulin, diabetes will be controlled fundamentally.So no more damage will occur to kidneys.In addition,when the necrotic renal intrinsic cells are replaced with new cells,the renal function will be improved remarkably. In this way, diabetic nephropathy will be controlled fundamentally and completely.

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