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Life Span of People with Diabetic Kidney Disease

2013-09-30 14:13

Life Span of People with Diabetic Kidney DiseaseDiabetic kidney disease is a complication of diabetes.As the kidneys are impaired,the patients will experience a host of discomforts and complications.How long to live becomes the most concerned issue for people with diabetic kidney disease. What is the life span of people with diabetic kidney disease?

It is impossible to predict how long someone can live as the illness condition varies from individual to individual.Some people may live as long as the general population.However,some patients may live only for few years.How to prolong the life span of people with diabetic kidney disease?

Treat Diabetes effectively

High blood sugar level is the culprit of kidney damage in diabetes and also an accelerator in worsening renal function. In early stage of diabetic kidney disease,if the blood sugar level can be controlled, the kidney damage even can be reversed.

Control complications

The complications of both Diabetes and kidney disease are significant death causes for patients with diabetic kidney disease.Therefore,it is important to control the associated complications like high blood pressure,cardiovascular disease, foot disease etc.

Improve renal function

If the renal function can be improved, the patients will certainly be able to live longer.Then how to improve renal function for people with diabetic kidney disease?

In diabetic kidney disease,the tiny blood vessels in kidneys are impaired.To improve renal function,the most important treatment is to restore the kidney blood vessels.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is a recommended treatment for people with diabetic kidney disease.This therapy can activate the self-healing system in body to stimulate the regeneration of kidney tissues. In this way, the renal function will be enhanced.The life span of people with diabetic kidney disease will be prolonged remarkably.

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