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Lower High Potassium in Diabetes Induced Kidney Disease

2013-09-28 11:15

Lower High Potassium in Diabetes Induced Kidney DiseasePotassium is an important mineral in body and it controls nerve and muscle function.High potassium is also called hyperkalemia. If too high levels of potassium build up in blood,it will cause very serious conditions.How to lower high potassium in diabetes induced kidney disease?

Causes of high potassium in Diabetes induced kidney disease

High potassium level occurs when the kidneys are not functioning well.Healthy kidneys can filter out the extra minerals that body does not need.However,in diabetes,high blood sugar can cause extra strain on nephrons.Over time,the nephrons will become worn out and fail to work properly, thus resulting in kidney disease.As a result, extra potassium will build up in body when the kidneys fail to work, thus resulting in high potassium in blood.

Signs of high potassium in diabetes induced kidney disease

While potassium plays a vital role in body, extra potassium in body still can cause a host of problems.The signs of high potassium in diabetes induced Kidney Disease include:



*Numbness or tingling

*Irregular heartbeat

*Sudden death

How to lower high potassium in diabetes induced kidney disease

As high potassium in body can cause a host of problems and even death,it is important to lower high potassium in diabetes induced kidney disease.

Firstly,the patients should cut down high-potassium foods in the diet.As vegetables and fruits are high in potassium,the patients should be careful in choosing what to eat.The patients can also leach high potassium vegetables, if including them in diet.

Secondly,as high potassium results from reduced renal function in diabetes,to control high potassium fundamentally,the patients should have treatment to treat kidney as a whole.If the impaired tiny blood vessels in kidneys can be restored,the kidney function will be improved. Thereby, more potassium will be removed from body, thus lowering high potassium in diabetes kidney disease fundamentally and completely.

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