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Can Diabetes Cause Bubbles In The Urine

2013-02-04 10:57

We all know that typical symptoms of diabetes are polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia as well as sugar leakage in urine. Then if there are bubbles in urine, can it be caused by diabetes?

First the answer is yes---diabetes can cause bubbles in urine. Due to high level of blood sugar, diabetes patients will leak sugar in the urine which can cause bubbles in urine. In such case, the bubbles are large in size and will soon disappear.

Bubbles in urine can be an early sign of renal damages. If it is confirmed to be proteinuria (usually the bubbles are small in size and do not disappear after long time), it means that renal filtration functions have been damaged by long term high blood sugar level in diabetes. If patients have other symptoms besides bubbles in urine like edema, hypertension, frequent urination, urinary pain, blood in urine, it is recommended that patients to go to local kidney disease hospital to have related tests so as to have early diagnosis and timely treatments.

Diabetes patients usually will have renal damages. Diabetic nephropathy has become the leading cause of adult chronic renal failure and there are about 50% diabetic nephropathy patients among those that begun dialysis every year in the United States.

Usually patients have no obvious symptoms even after 5-7 years’ diabetes or there can be microalbuminuria which is selective and can last for years. With gradual decline of glomerular filtration and continuous deterioration of kidney functions, there can be more proteins being leaked into urine and there will be many bubbles in urine.

Bubbles in urine is due to years’ high blood sugar level. Metabolic disorder of sugar can cause vascular damages and blood circulation obstacle resulting in renal ischemia and hypoxia and the release of inflammatory medium. All these will cause further damages to renal tissues.

Well control of blood pressure and blood sugar can much reduce protein leakage in urine. ACEI and ARB drugs are effective at controlling high blood pressure, reducing proteinuria and protecting kidney functions.

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