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Will Diabetic Nephropathy Cause Edema

2015-03-17 14:16

Will Diabetic Nephropathy Cause EdemaWill diabetic nephropathy cause edema? Diabetic nephropathy is a high morbidity rate in people. It has great damages on kidney cells and also results in a series of complications. Edema is the most common complication. Well, why diabetic nephropathy patients experience edema?

1. renal hypoxia

Renal hypoxia can lead to edema. High blood sugar will decrease the oxygen content of blood, which easily causes renal hypoxia and renal ischemia. Kidneys are easy to have stress reaction and secrete renin. With the continuous renal hypoxia and ischemia, more and more rennin will be secreted. Renin-Angiotensin will promote adrenal cortex to secrete more aldosterone. The main function of aldosterone can promote distal convoluted renal tubule to reabsorb sodium. Finally edema occurs.

2. Renal ischemia

Renal ischemia is another cause of edema in diabetic nephropathy. Long time of diabetes will change the blood concentration, which slows down the blood flow to kidneys. When blood flows through glomerular capillaries, it will do damages on glomerular capillaries. Glomerular capillary endothelial cells will first be injured. Increased blood concentration will make some blood deposit on the inner surface of blood vessels. The pressure on inner cells will increase, leading to enlarged filtration pores. Edema eventually presents.

Diabetic Nephropathy will lead to edema and the causes have also be given to you. We hope the above information is helpful for you.

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