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How to Treat Severe Hypoalbuminemia due to Diabetic Nephropathy

2015-01-05 03:52

How to Treat Severe Hypoalbuminemia due to Diabetic NephropathyWith the development of society, more and more people develop Diabetes. Diabetes can not be cured. In the long run, it causes many complications, one of which is Diabetic Nephropathy. How to treat severe hypoalbuminemia due to Diabetic Nephropathy?

How does Diabetic Nephropathy cause hypoalbuminemia?

Exposed to high blood sugar for long term, the blood vessels become fragile so as to allow protein leaks into the urine. In the early stage of Diabetic Nephropathy, there is only microalbuminuria. Without effective treatment, microalbuminuria turns to massive albuminuria. In such case, if you can not supplement enough protein and the synthesis of protein by liver cam not make up the lost protein, protein content in blood reduces, leading to hypoalbuminemia.

Treatment for severe hypoalbuminemia due to Diabetic Nephropathy

-Diet treatment

From the above, we can see that it is your body loses massive protein that causing hypoalbuminemia. In such case, you should consume protein to make up the lost one. If your blood urea level is low, you can eat food high in protein. But for Diabetic Nephropathy patients, massive protein intake may worsen proteinuria and speed up kidney damage. Therefore, the amount of protein intake depends on your medical condition. And protein should be high quality protein such as milk, lean meat, fish, poultry without skin, etc.

-Albumin intravenous drip

Hypoalbuminemia causes a series of complications, such as hyperlipemia, azotemia, negative nitrogen balance, etc. Therefore, you should treat hypoalbuminemia timely. Albumin intravenous drip can quickly supplement the lost protein. But this kind of treatment has various side effects, so importance should be attached.

-Reduce protein leakage

The fundamental way for hypoalbuminemia is to decrease the permeability of glomeruli so as to reduce protein leakage. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can eliminate kidney inflammation. It can also improve ischemia and anoxia in kidneys, which can help kidney recovery. Moreover, it stops kidney fibrosis and supplements essential nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins and trace elements to speed up recovery. When your kidneys repair themselves, protein leakage stops and then hypoalbuminemia alleviates.

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