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How To Control BUN Elevation In Diabetic Nephropathy

2014-12-23 08:59

How To Control BUN Elevation In Diabetic NephropathyHow to lower blood urea nitrogen (BUN) level in diabetic nephropathy (DN)? BUN is the waste by-product of metabolized protein. Healthy kidneys filter the BUN by-product out of your body through urine. High BUN level generally indicate that your kidneys are not functioning properly. To control BUN elevation in Diabetic Nephropathy, we should first know how diabetes causes kidney damage.

1. How does diabetes cause kidney damage?

Diabetes is a chronic health condition that can lead to severe other medical problems if

not managed properly. Excessive amounts of glucose in the blood can lead to organ damage. Diabetes people are at risk for kidney disease. Having very high blood sugar can make the kidneys filter too much blood. Years of this added stress on the kidneys can lead to dysfunction and kidney failure.

2. Diabetic Nephropathy and BUN

As mentioned above, years of diabetes can cause kidney dysfunction and even failure. As a result, waste products, including urea nitrogen, will build up in the blood and raise BUN level. Urea nitrogen is filtered through healthy kidneys and excreted in the urine. A high BUN levels could indicate that your kidneys are not working well.

3. How to lower BUN level in diabetic nephropathy?

The major cause of high BUN level in diabetic nephropathy is kidney damage. Therefore, we should take measurement to repair kidney damage. In this regard, we use external application of Chinese medicine to restore kidney damage. The active ingredients in this therapy can dredge the channel and increase blood circulation so as to stimulate the self-healing system of damaged kidney cells and prompt the recovery of impaired kidneys. In this way, BUN level in diabetic nephropathy can be lowered naturally and effectively. Our common external application of Chinese medicine therapies include medicated bath, foot bath, moxibustion, hot compress therapy and cycle therapy, etc.

Of course, a proper diet should also be obeyed by diabetic nephropathy patients. If you want to know your specific diet suggestion, you can send your lab reports to kidneycares@hotmail.com and then our doctor will give you some advice on your individual diet.

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