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Why Does Edema Occur In Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

2014-12-15 08:11

Why Does Edema Occur In Diabetic Nephropathy PatientsWhy do diabetic nephropathy patients suffer from edema? Most diabetic nephropathy patients experience edema, but they do not know why they have edema. What is the reason of their swelling?

What is the reason of edema?

Our renal experts point out that the main cause of edema is oxygen deficiency in human body. Kidneys will have stress reaction to this condition and secrete renin. Renal hypoxia and renal anoxia lasts longer and more renin will be secreted. Renin-angiotensin will make adrenal cortex secrete more aldosterone. The main function of aldosterone is to promote distal convoluted tubules reabsorb sodium while the increase of aldosterone will absorb more sodium. Finally it will lead to massive water-sodium retention. The sign of your body is swelling.

What is the cause of edema in diabetic nephropathy?

As for edema in diabetic nephropathy, long time of diabetes will make the blood become thick. When blood flow through glomerular capillary, it will do damages on capillaries. The first damage part is glomerular capillary endothelial cells. Some thick blood will pour into the inner surface of blood vessels. The pressure on endothelial cells will increase, causing large filtering area. That is, its permeability will increase. With enlarged permeability, some substances that should not leak will leak out, including red blood cells and protein. What’s more, some water in blood plasma will permeate tissue space. Edema or swelling in this condition occurs.

After reading the above article, we believe patients have a knowledge of edema in diabetic nephropathy. To alleviate edema, we should not only control high blood sugar but also repair injured glomerular capillary. Western medicines only have quick efficacy on blood sugar but fail to restore injured kidney tissue. Thus, you can have a try of systematic therapy, including western medicines and Chinese medicines. Chinese medicine can repair injured kidney tissues naturally. Thus, edema can be treated fundamentally.

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