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Why People with Diabetes And Kidney Failure Have Excessive Sweating

2014-05-21 07:30

Why People with Diabetes And Kidney Failure Have Excessive SweatingPatients with diabetes and kidney failure are very prone to excessive sweating. We will introduce how it can happen on them and how to treat this condition very effectively. Now please see the below in detail:

To begin with, how can diabetes and kidney failure lead to excessive sweating?

Diabetes can result in Diabetic Autonomic Meuropathy. And according to research, 60% of patients with diabetes can have perspiration problems, which can result in excessive sweating. This is the most leading causes of excessive sweating in diabetes and kidney failure.

Excessive sweating always annoys patients a lot and affect their daily life.

Then how to treat it effectively?

As for diabetes and kidney failure, recovering kidney function and lowering blood sugar can help treat excessive sweating very effectively.

Hot compress therapy can be the best choice to achieve this goal. Because after patients with diabetes and kidney failure get treated with Hot compress therapy, kidney inflammation is prevented, kidney damage can be repaired, blood circulation can be promoted, blood vessels can be expanded. In this way, high blood pressure can be lowered, and kidney function can be improved.

Thus, it is recommended that patients with diabetes and kidney failure treat excessive sweating very well. In addition, a healthy diet is also necessary for them, like low protein, low phosphorus, low potassium, low salt or sodium. If they have serious swelling, water need to be limited strictly in daily life.

Besides, many other symptoms can follow patients with diabetes and kidney failure, if you want to know more information or have any question, please be very free to contact us any time. It is a pleasure that we can solve your problems.

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