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Foamy Urine in Diabetes Mellitus(DM)

2013-01-03 05:14

In normal conditions, urine shows transparent or amber color. The color may get darkened or lightened based on changes of urine output. But why patients with Diabetes may experience foamy urine?

Bubbles in urine are caused by increased tension on urine surface. In normal condition, urine surface tension is low so that very little foams are formed. In case of rapid urination, urine surface tension is increased obviously and thus evident urine foams can be observed. In this case, the foams in urine will vanish in a short time and there is nothing to worry about. However, in some other cases, due to changes of compositions in urine—such as more grume or organic substances in urine, the tension can also be enhanced to cause foamy urine.

Foamy urine may occur to Diabetics in case any of the following occur:

Bladder diseases, such as cystitis, bladder or urinary tract infection will change the composition of urine thus leading to bubbly urine.

Presentation of enterobacter in urine, which is seen in such bladder diseases as cystitis and bladder cancer, or urinary tract infections.

Those who have stopped sex life for relative long periods, often experience emission, or frequent excitements, may have increased antiprostate grume secretions, further giving rise to frothy urine.

If hyperglycemia occurs, elevated sugar or ketones in the urine will change urine PH and result in bubbly urine.

For Diabetics, if frothy urine still occurs even if their blood glucose is controlled well and all the above factors can be excluded, they will be susceptible for Diabetic Nephropathy, a chronic kidney disease caused by a long-term of Diabetes. The kidneys stop proteins from running out of the body. As kidney filtering units are impaired by chronic Diabetes, an excess amount of protein be detected in urine. Protein in urine is then the cause of foamy urine. Proteinuria is a typical symptom of Diabetic kidney disease.  Those with Diabetes should begin screening tests for kidney disease five years after Diabetes is diagnosed so as to rule out the risks.

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