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Can Diabetic Nephropathy Be Cured

2014-11-20 09:00

Can Diabetic Nephropathy Be Cured Nowadays diabetes is one of the major causes of premature illness and death in most countries. Diabetic Nephropathy is a common complication of diabetes. Whether Diabetic Nephropathy can be cured or not may be the most concerned question of patients.

It is difficult to say whether Diabetic Nephropathy can be cured or not.

Generally speaking, in the early stage of Diabetic Nephropathy, the glomeruli are slightly impaired. If you can control the blood sugar into the normal range and repair the basement membrane, it is possible for you to cure Diabetic Nephropathy. But when it progresses to the middle and advanced stage, the glomeruli have been severely damaged, when even if you can control blood sugar and blood pressure, it is only possible for you to reduce protein leakage rather than reverse the disease.

Generally speaking, 25 % patients develop ESRD in 6 years, 50% patients in 10 years and 75% patients in 15 years. However, with the improvement of treatment, even if with advanced kidney disease, it is possible for you to live a normal life.

How to treat Diabetic Nephropathy?

-Control blood sugar level. Weight control, proper diet, exercise and medicine can help you.

-Repair the damaged kidneys. Systemic treatment including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath, Mai Kang and decoction may be helpful for you. They can cleanse toxins from the blood and remove stasis to increase blood flow into the kidneys so as to improve ischemia and anoxia. An improved blood circulation also helps the oral medicine take effect. A systemic treatment also helps you eliminate kidney inflammation and stop kidney fibrosis. Moreover, they provide essential nutrients to speed up kidney recovery. If necessary, you can take advantage of stem cell therapy to rebuild your kidneys.

From the above, we can see that if you want to recover from Diabetic Nephropathy, you should take treatment as early as possible. For more information, please contact online doctor or leave a message below.

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