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How Long Can You Live With Diabetic Nephropathy

2014-10-11 03:10

How Long Can You Live With Diabetic NephropathyAlmost all Diabetic Nephropathy (DN) are concerned about this question: How long can they live when they are diagnosed with DN. In fact, different stage of DN has different curative chances. If diabetic kidneys in the early stage get timely treatment, it can be reversible. Without timely treatment, it will progress to uremia and threaten your life.

About the question of how long can you live with diabetic nephropathy, three aspects below affect the life span.

1. Treatment methods

If diabetic nephropathy is under good control, it usually does not affect the life span. Without good control, it easily relapse, which is excruciating. Broadly speaking, timely treatment for diabetic nephropathy helps lower the risk of developing renal failure. When you choose hospital, you should also be cautious. You had better choose a specialized hospital because specialized hospital has its unique therapies.

2. Control repeated conditions

Diabetic Nephropathy patients should stop repeated conditions. Patients should cooperate with the doctor and obey the doctor’s order. Prevent cold and infection. Keep a good mood and follow a healthy diet. Choose proper exercise and improve physical health. Diabetic nephropathy is not like uremia. That is, as long as you take treatment actively, you have no need to worry about the life span.

3. Disease severity

How long you can live also depends on your specific condition. Early diabetic nephropathy can be cured. If you do not take timely treatment, it will be worsened to uremia and life safety will be affected. Therefore, patients must treat it earlier once they know they are suffering from diabetic nephropathy.

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