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How Long Can I Live With Diabetic Nephropathy

2014-09-14 01:16

How Long Can I Live With Diabetic NephropathyHow long can Diabetic Nephropathy patients live? As for diabetes, we are not unfamiliar with it. Since diabetes will lead to many complications, diabetic nephropathy is just one of them, which is more dangerous than diabetes itself. Therefore, many patients with diabetic nephropathy think they cannot live a long time. Well what is the life expectancy for people with diabetic nephropathy?

Generally speaking, if a person with diabetes illness history for a 5-10 years will have protein in urine and other symptoms. Meanwhile, systemic microvascular lesions like fundus lesion will also occur. At this time, you can be diagnosed with diabetic nephropathy. With regard to the life expectancy of diabetic nephropathy, it is mainly on the basis of the progress of illness condition and treatment adoption.

Because kidney disease is a progressing disease and clinical symptoms present late, once people have protein in urine, which indicates the illness history has been more than 10 years, the prognosis of diabetic nephropathy is poor.

With the development of diabetic nephropathy, the occurrence of diabetes and high blood pressure will aggravate the progression of kidney damage. Further kidney damage in turn will lead to worsening high blood pressure. Diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease will make the treatment more difficult.

How about the life expectancy of diabetic nephropathy? Early diagnosis, diabetic nephropathy prevention and delay become more important. However, in the early stage, patients have no clinical symptoms, so diabetic nephropathy is usually neglected. As long as early diagnosis and check ups do not delay the treatment. Once you are diagnosed with diabetic nephropathy, you should take early treatment. The treatment for diabetic nephropathy not only aims for controlling symptoms but also repair injured kidney tissues so as to achieve the purpose of recovering diabetic nephropathy.

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