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What Diet Should Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Follow

2015-09-04 08:12

What Diet Should Diabetic Nephropathy Patients FollowDiabetic nephropathy is a complication of diabetes that is caused by uncontrolled high blood sugar. If you have diabetic nephropathy, diet is an essential part of treatment. Well then, what diet should you follow?

1. Limit sodium intake

Recent studies have found that diabetes patients also need to limit sodium intake. Too much salt intake can increase the activity of amylase, which can promote the digestion of starch and make the small intestines to absorb free glucose . This can result in increased blood glucose concentration and worsen the condition. Generally speaking, sodium intake should be below 3g per day.

2. Be careful with fruits intake

Patients with controlled blood sugar level can eat some fruits which should be low sugar content like apple, kiwi, lemon, plum, peach and oranges. But the fruits should be consumed too much. Besides, do not eat fruits after meals because blood sugar level will increase. Moreover, diabetes patients also should not eat watermelon.

3. Drink too much water

Diabetes patients should drink more water appropriately. Water intake can decrease plasma osmotic pressure and have the effect of lowering blood glucose level. Patients in this condition will not feel thirsty. If patients limit water intake, this can lead to blood concentration and metabolic wastes in blood can not be discharged out of the body, which can cause diabetic ketoacidosis.

4. Potassium

Potassium helps counteract the effects of sodium on blood pressure. However, when kidneys are damaged, excess potassium may build up in the blood. High potassium can affect heart rhythm. Thus, choose fruits and vegetables that are low in potassium such as apples, canned apricots, berries, grapes and papaya, etc. Avoid high potassium foods such as bananas, winter squash, avocado, potatoes and tomato products.

5. Phosphorus

With kidney disease, phosphorus will also build up in your blood. Thus, you will need to limit phosphorus and avoid high protein foods.

The aim of proper diet is to control blood sugar level, blood lipid and blood pressure effectively. In addition to dietary therapy, diabetic nephropathy patients need to take Chinese medicines to repair injured kidney tissues and improve kidney function. This is the radical way for Diabetic Nephropathy.

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