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What Is A Diet Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Should Follow

2015-06-04 07:46

What Is A Diet Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Should FollowDiabetic Nephropathy is the complication triggered by diabetes. Once you are diagnosed with diabetic nephropathy, you should follow a proper diet. Well, what is a diet diabetic nephropathy patients should follow?

The diet for diabetic nephropathy should include the following aspects:

1. Blood sugar control

It is very important to keep blood sugar under control. If blood sugar continues to elevate, it will induce fat cholesterol metabolism disorder and disable the function of glomerular. Thus, the key is to control blood sugar. On one hand, you should control calories intake strictly. On the other hand, you can take some medications to lower high blood sugar level. Factors which can lead to blood sugar fluctuation should be avoided such as mood and infection.

2. Limit salt intake

In order to protect the kidneys and lighten them, diabetes should follow a low salt diet. Salt intake should be limited to 7g per day. In severe kidney failure, patients also need to control fluid intake.

3. Control potassium and protein intake moderately

Since diabetic nephropathy patients tend to suffer from acidosis and hyperkalemia. Once that happens, cardiac arrhythmia can be caused.

4. Supplement enough vitamin and trace elements

Vitamins especially vitamin B and vitamin C, calcium, iron and zinc should be consumed. These elements can play a role in protecting kidneys.

In addition to dietary therapy, the most important thing should repair damaged kidney cells. Until now, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has been proven to show great therapeutic effect on treating chronic kidney disease including Diabetic Nephropathy. Kidney function can get improved obvious with this therapy. We also oral Chinese medicine, medicated bath, enema therapy, cycle therapy and Mai Kang Mixture, etc.

The individual treatment should depend on patient’s illness condition. For patients who have a similar experience, they should send their test reports or illness description to kidneycares@hotmail.com. Therefore, we can help you directly.

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