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Dietary Tips For Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

2014-11-25 15:27

Dietary Tips For Diabetic Nephropathy PatientsHigh blood pressure is a very serious cardiovascular disease. In severe case, people will die due to high blood pressure. Besides, hypertension will also cause hypertensive nephropathy. Well, what are dietary tips for high blood pressure and kidney damage. Let’s look at the following content.

1. Fruits and vegetables

People need to supplement B group vitamin and vitamin C. To meet this requirement, people can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Supplement iron

It is studied that old people with hypertensive nephropathy usually have low plasma iron. Therefore, they can eat more foods with rich iron like pea and fungus. These foods can not only lower high blood pressure,but also prevent deficiency of blood and hemophthisis.

3. High potassium

Foods with high potassium coming to your body can prevent elevated blood pressure and injured blood vessels caused by high sodium intake. High potassium foods include beans, dried mushrooms, almond, walnut, peanut, potato, bamboo, lean meat, fish, root vegetables like amaranth, oilseed rape and green Chinese onion, bananas, jujube, peach and oranges, etc.

4. Low sodium intake

Hypertensive nephropathy patients need to have a low sodium intake, which limits to 2-5g.

5. High quality protein intake

Many hypertensive nephropathy patients always ask whether they can drink milk. The answer is yes. Because high quality protein intake in milk amounts to about 80% of total protein. Apart from protein, other nutrient contents in milk is also beneficial for kidney disease patients. The proportion of calcium and phosphorus in kidney disease patients is out of balance, while calcium and phosphorus level proportion in milk is in balance. Therefore, drinking milk can correct the disorder of calcium and phosphorus level in renal disease patients.

The above are just general tips for hypertensive nephropathy patients. They are not surely suitable for every kidney disease patient. Therefore, if you want to get your specific dietary tips, you can leave us a message to kidneycares@hotmail.com or leave us a message below.

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