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Chinese Herbal Tea Helps Improve Kidney Function With Diabetic Nephropathy

2014-04-02 08:55

Chinese Herbal Tea Helps Improve Kidney Function With Diabetic NephropathyWhich Chinese herbal tea can treat diabetic nephropathy so as to improve kidney function? Diabetic Nephropathy is triggered by a long-term of high blood pressure and poor control. Generally speaking, the higher high blood pressure is, the more serious kidney damage is. Therefore, timely control of high blood pressure is very important for diabetic nephropathy patients. Only high blood pressure is unde control can stop further kidney damage. Here our experts suggest Chinese herbal tea can control high blood pressure effectively and reduce damages on kidneys.

1. Hawthorn tea

Hawthorn has good efficacy on stimulating digestion. Actually, it also can dilate blood vessels, lower down blood glucose as well as reduce high blood pressure. Drinking hawthorn tea with fresh hawthorns every day helps decrease high blood pressure and relieve the symptoms of anorexia.

2. Lotus leaf tea

Lotus leaf is able to clear grease and diuretic effects. Cut lotus into pieces and then boil it with water. Drinking lotus leaf tea helps alleviate edema and lower high blood pressure.

3. Flos sophorae tea

The flower bud of flos sophorae has the ability of reducing blood lipid. Drinking flos sophorae tea has good therapeutic effects on controlling high blood pressure.

4. Stigma tea

Stigma can not only treat high blood pressure but also have diuretic effects. Regularly drinking corn silk tea is able to ease edema and high blood pressure.

The above Chinese medicines is very effective for controlling high blood pressure in diabetic nephropathy. Apart from basic treatment, hypertensive patients can drink some Chinese herbal tea to decrease high blood pressure and improve kidney function. Also as medical conditions vary from person to person, you should consult your doctor to get the proper herbal tea before you drink herbal tea.

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