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Why Diabetes Develop To Diabetic Nephropathy

2015-05-07 08:18

Why Diabetes Develop To Diabetic NephropathyNowadays most diabetes patients ask that why diabetes patients will suffer from kidney disease. Diabetic Nephropathy is the most common complication of diabetes and it is the second leading cause of uremia since various glomerulonephritis. Well, how does Diabetic Nephropathy occur?

Diabetes will produce a substance called advanced glycation end products which is formed by sugar, protein and amino acid without enzymatic reaction. Diabetes patients with long term of elevated blood sugar tend to have advanced glycation end products in their body.

What are root causes of various complications in diabetes?

1. Advanced glycation end products will lead to protein glycosylation and make some changes of protein in blood vessels. This will reduce toughness of blood vessels. Under such a condition, blood vessels are easy to be damaged.

2. Advanced glycation end products will combine with receptors in cells and then release inflammatory cytokines, causing inflammation and injured body tissues.

3. Advanced glycation end products will make nitric oxide released by vascular endothelial cells inactive. However, nitric oxide can help the arteries to relax. This is the reason why diabetes patients have elevated blood pressure.

These three factors are the root cause of various complications in diabetes.

In terms of kidney, when advanced glycation end products combine with cell receptor, large amounts of immune complexes will be formed and these immune complexes will deposit in kidneys and produce inflammatory reaction, causing kidney damage. Besides, high blood pressure induced by kidney damage will lead to renal arteriolar sclerosis, which will make kidney ischemia and hypoxia and worsen kidney damage.

The treatment for diabetic nephropathy is to stop the regeneration of advanced glycation end products and cleanse immune complexes. Chinese medicine treatment like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot bath, acupoint application, enema therapy and Mai Kang Mixture and medicinal soup has better therapeutic effects in diabetic nephropathy. We hope you can get recover from kidney disease as soon as possible.

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