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What Is The Relationship Between Diabetes And Kidney Damage

2014-11-06 07:34

What Is The Relationship Between Diabetes And Kidney DamageMany patients with kidney damage caused by diabetes all ask the relationship between diabetes and kidney damage. Why diabetes can lead to kidney damage? To give patients a satisfactory answer, our expert gives the following detailed introduction.

The relationship between diabetes and kidney damage is complex. Since there is a disorder of immune function, it leads to relative lesion disorder of patients’ metabolic function. Various aspect of your body will also generate relative lesions. When lesions develop to kidney, kidney damage was induced. There are 3 reasons which can lead to kidney damage caused by diabetes.

1. High blood lipid

Diabetes patients usually have high blood lipid. Metabolic disorders of blood lipid and quick increase of blood fat content for a long time will result in renal arterial sclerosis and then kidney damage will occur.

2. Glomerular sclerosis and necrosis

Since diabetes patients have many defects in heredity and blood sugar is high for a long time, blood sugar in this case will enter blood cells so as to decrease the activity of enzyme. Blood sugar and protein will synthesize and then deposit in glomerular. For a long time, glomerular sclerosis and necrosis will occur due to long time of deposition. This aggravates kidney damage and possibly leads to diabetic nephropathy.

3. Low ability to fight infection

Diabetic patients have low ability to fight infection, especially for urinary tract infection. Nephropyelitis is more likely to occur.

Diabetes patients must pay attention to blood sugar and blood lipid. Therefore, the treatment for blood sugar and blood lipid plays an important role in kidney damage. If diabetes induces kidney damage, you do not worry too much. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can decrease the damage of glomerular sclerosis and delay glomerular sclerosis to prevent the occurrence of diabetic nephropathy. This therapy is your better option.

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