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Top 4 Acute Complications Of Diabetes Can Threaten Your Life

2014-09-19 08:49

Top 4 Acute Complications Of Diabetes Can Threaten Your LifeIf diabetes cannot get well controlled, it may induce many complications, especially acute complications which can threaten your life. The following are top four complications of diabetes.

1. Ketoacidosis

Type 1 diabetes patients are more likely to suffer from ketoacidosis. Patients will suffer from high blood sugar, dehydration, deep and quick breath. The breath gas is with rotten apple. Moreover, blood pressure decreases and in severe cases patients will have coma, which is even life-threatening.

2. Nonketotic hyperosmolar coma

Elders with type 2 diabetes are prone to suffer from nonketotic hyperosmolar coma. The fatality rate of this disease is higher. The symptoms mainly contain severe high blood sugar, dehydration, elevated plasma osmotic pressure but no obvious ketoacidosis. Patients may have consciousness problems or coma.

3. Low blood sugar

In the treatment of diabetes, medication for lowering blood sugar is overdose. If the medications and mealtime does not match, it will lead to low blood sugar. Without timely treatment, serious result will happen. Patients will experience dizziness, hands trembling, hands and feet numbness or tingling, blurred vision, pale complexion, cold limbs , low blood pressure and even coma.

4. Lactic acidosis

When diabetes patients have complication of lactic acidosis, the blood lactic acid is higher than 5 mmol/L and arterial blood is lower than 7.35. Although this complication is rarely to be seen in clinical, fatality rate is higher.

To prevent its complications, we can follow a healthy diet to treat diabetes naturally.

You should take the advice of your doctor with respect to the foods that you should eat and the foods that you should not eat. In most cases, your doctor may advice you to remain away from sugar rich foods and drinks.

All processed foods and aerated drinks should be avoided. You should add fresh fruits and green vegetables in your diet. However, high sugar content foods like sweets, junk foods, rich and potatoes should be avoided.

High fiber foods can be added in your diet. In addition, green vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains and cereals are abundant with minerals and vitamins to keep you healthy.

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