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How About The Prognosis Of Diabetes

2014-09-02 07:07

How About The Prognosis Of DiabetesHow About The Prognosis Of Diabetes? Long time of diabetes can cause kidney damage. When people suffer from kidney disease and diabetes, they are very concerned about the prognosis. So they want to know the general life time with diabetes and if there is method to improve the prognosis.

Generally speaking, almost half of patients with 10 to 20 years of diabetes can have kidney dysfunction. This is because diabetes is a lesion of blood capillary. Since capillary basement membrane becomes thicken, which leads to abnormal micro-circulation. Then it will lead to many organs abnormality. In the kidneys, glomerular capillary basement membrane becomes thicken, thus causing glomerular sclerosis. With glomerular sclerosis, it affects the filtrating function of glomerular and a series of changes will occur. Diabetic Nephropathy has become the important factor of diabetes prognosis.

Prognosis affected by proteinuria

Mild and asymptomatic proteinuria may occur after 5-10 years of diabetes. The present of proteinuria is a beginning of diabetic nephropathy. At the beginning, proteinuria is intermittent and then it changes into persistent protein in urine. Diabetes patients with obvious protein in urine have poor prognosis compared with those who has no proteinuria. However, there is big individual variation. Some people can live more than 20 years or at least 10 years.

Prognosis and kidney disease symptoms 

After several years of protein in urine, edema, high blood pressure and other kidney symptoms will occur. In general, the longer the history of diabetes is, the more severe proteinuria is. Once serious proteinuria occurs, kidney disease can be worsened quickly.

Prognosis and kidney failure

Glomerular sclerosis undergoes a long time of moderate proteinuria, patients are likely to have kidney failure. The time to renal failure is uncertain. Usually after many years, it can finally develop to kidney failure. The prognosis is relatively poor with kidney failure. At this time, kidneys do not have obvious shrinkage and proteinuria is not alleviated obviously. Without dialysis, patients may die from uremia.

The prognosis of diabetes is affected by the above factors. However, if you take treatment both on diet and medical treatment, diabetes prognosis can be improved effectively.

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